You'll find here work material scheduled for every study week...
You should first start with browsing the Syllabus which means the course programme you are supposed to study daily. So open the document Working Week 1 and notice what every Working Week will be focused on. Then try by yourselves and do exercises, revision and research on the suggested web sites.

Before proceeding to Working Week 2 note that every worksheet will be structured on several stages highlighting all study skills:

-I. Reading Comprehension (you usually have to look for specific/general information, to sum up the text, to imagine different questions and answers on the reading text)
-II. Writing Assignment (develop topics under the form of essays starting from a wide range of Food for Thought)
-III. Speaking activity (speculate on different subjects, start a small talk or a debate, develop team work)
-IV. Listening skills (note the main key words and then sum up what you have listened to)
-V. Grammar and Vocabulary (make your own Grammar WORKsheet and WORDsheet to improve your lexis.

Now keep on the good work and focus on the following topics

Working Weeks 13-14 are for revision and exam....

Now go on WORKSHEET 2- UNITS for extra worksheets focused on topic of interest to develop reading, listening and speaking skills but also Grammar in Use and Text Structure for better writing assignment.