This virtual English experience has been created to enhance students’ sense of autonomy in studying and practising English both for general and specific needs. Called English4pleasure, this language resource is conceived as an online course support where students are invited to embark on an adventure of knowledge, curiosity and fun getting a bit of everything from Worksheets organized on a wide range of Working Weeks centred on various material to improve study skills as well as Voc and Gram patterns up to discoveries of different world cultures and civilisations, hit list destinations and factfiles of tourist attraction itineraries for students training in Tourism and Geography. This English programme, thought to be followed on a daily basis according to a personal working rhythm, launches an invitation for students to feel free to join anytime, get rid of their conventional way of practising English and explore all the content which includes plenty of English website references, Worksheets dealing with Working Weeks, different Study Units, Test Samples as well as Specific Worksheets (Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening) focused on developing academic skills up to Voc and Gram pattern worksheets to do a deep revision. English learning will therefore be very quickly improved and its routine study changed into an exciting challenge and adventure.

Invited to English4pleasure students will definitely make it a pleasure!


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