You are going to find here some English Work Units and a Grammar Reference. In order to better understand the Study Units you should read or just browse through the attached bilingual Grammar Reference.

You will actually find in the given Units hints to Grammar reference between brackets (See G). Even if it might seem very difficult to understand the Grammar Reference you should not give up too quickly. You will find out a lot of interesting and useful things starting with a historical sketch of the English Language, short analyses of English inflections and plenty of examples of English prefixes and suffixes, the English alphabet and a pronunciation guide.The Grammar Textbook is divided into two main parts particularly focused on Grammar Patters/Rules and Functions as well as on Text Structure and Academic Language. It ends with the List of most frequently used Irregular Verbs in English.

A good way of learning, fully understanding and improving your English is this blending approach between the specific study of the Units and the Grammar Reference. See in attach tne Textbook Content and Cover to get more familiar with it. For further study you find the handbook at the internal library at the Faculty of Geography, at the Faculty of Biology as well as at the Faculty of Letters (English library). Here are different Study Units for your daily work, just give a short click to make them open and download.
Do not forget to always confer to Grammar Reference

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For further practice in different levels of English or in other foreign languages you can also surf the following site:

After having explored the diversity of topics in the above documents, proceed now to the following four worksheets which are centred on the integrated study skills taken at a time on specific work pages.